Mr. McCulley admits that it was very intimidating when he realized everything that he would have to do to manage his diabetes. Trying to navigate through the various activities every day was very intimidating and confusing at times. There was a lot to remember: from pricking his finger 6-8 times a day, to recording the blood glucose readings, analyzing the readings, injecting himself with insulin 4 times a day, taking other medications (i.e. Coumadin, Lipitor), planning meals, preparing the meals, shopping for groceries, making doctor appointments, recordkeeping, and finding time to exercise.

Mr. McCulley was surprised to discover that there was no structured, systematic step-by-step process that would guide him through managing his diabetes on a daily basis. As a result, once he got well and decided to write the book, he decided to develop a structured step-by-step process and a set of charts and templates so that other diabetics would not be as overwhelmed as he was. This led him to develop the 6-stage model, the 10-step process, and his train-the-trainer program for health advocates and other healthcare professionals. The 6-stage model provides an overall guide of what to do on a monthly basis. The 10-step model provides a guide of what to do on a daily basis. The training program explains how to train and educate others.

Later on, he developed several meal planning diagrams, charts  and journal templates that would make it easier for diabetics to track their daily activities and monthly progress.

The Solution to Your Problem
You have a problem: It's the disease called Type 2 diabetes.

Mr. McCulley has the solution to your problem: his Death to Diabetes Wellness Program.
That's the way engineers think -- give them a problem, and they give you a solution.

They use their engineering skills, analytical skills, test data, clinical research, their experience, and their understanding of diabetes pathology, medical sciences, and how the body works (physiology), to design a unique solution to your health problem that actually works -- to reverse your diabetes!

And, if you don't believe that Type 2 diabetes is reversible, then, read this web page for a list of the new studies and reports, and what some medical doctors are now saying!

But, Mr. McCulley did more than find a solution to Type 2 diabetes. Because he focused on how to strengthen the immune system and several other wellness principles (based on how the body repairs, heals, and fights disease), he developed a program (and a 3000-page book) called "Death to All Diseases". However, he couldn't publish a 3,000-page book, so he extracted his wellness strategies and diabetes-specific information to develop the book called "Death to Diabetes". 

Consequently, his program (and his book) can be used to address most systemic diseases and illnesses, i.e. i.e. heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer prevention, arthritis, fatigue, kidney problems, eye problems, nephropathy, neuropathy, etc.
[FYI: About 23% of our clients are non-diabetics].

The Death to Diabetes Wellness Program (documented in the book) is based upon a well-structured  and results-driven 6-stage medical and integrative wellness model, based on the wellness principles  of Western Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM).
This 6-stage medical wellness model is designed for the diabetic and his/her doctor to better track their progress. This model is also designed to allow the diabetic to go beyond just controlling the disease to help repair/heal the body and possibly reversing the disease by utilizing multiple alternative therapies, i.e. nutrition, detox, juicing, meditation, exercise, spirituality, etc. 

This wellness model utilizes the medical standard for blood glucose testing combined with superior nutrition, proper exercise, frequent blood glucose testing/analysis, spiritual health, periodic doctor visits and physical exams.

This model takes the best from Western Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) to develop an optimum and user-friendly program for the diabetic, and for the doctor.

This model includes a superior nutritional model (called the Super Meal Model for Diabetics) that encompasses attributes of several well-known diets, including the South Beach Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and Raw Food Diet.

As a result, the Death to Diabetes Wellness Program is more than a diabetes program! It is a wellness program that both diabetics and non-diabetics can use to improve their health.

In addition, the creator of this model has used his engineering prowess to  integrate several powerful engineering methodologies with various medical sciences to take integrative and alternative medicine to an entirely different level of effectiveness. This has dramatically increased the success rate of the Death to Diabetes program for thousands of diabetics, improving the quality of their lives physically, emotionally, and financially.

Note: The purpose of this model was not to reinvent the wheel, but to use the best that medical science has to offer, and frame it in a structured model that would allow for easier tracking and identification of the need for corrective actions -- to achieve sustained blood glucose stabilization, reduced insulin resistance, reduced inflammation, increased energy production, and optimum health.

Note: The "heart" of this wellness program is a true diet for diabetics, that is more than just a diet for diabetics. This diet is truly the most comprehensive diet available to diabetics and others (non-diabetics) fighting diseases such as heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, nerve disease, eye disease, obesity, arthritis, and osteoporosis. This diet is anti-inflammatory,  anti-heart disease, and anti-cancer. This diet is an overall wellness diet that focuses on how to improve your overall health and wellness -- since most of these diseases are driven by poor eating habits and the lack of critical nutrients for the body. As a result, this diet will help to prevent many diseases beyond just Type 2 diabetes.

The Death to Diabetes 6-Stage Model (Roadmap)    

                               Death to Diabetes Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
The Death to Diabetes® Management, Control & Reversal Model

The foundation of this diabetes wellness program is a six-stage model that guides the diabetic through diabetes management, control and possible reversal.

Note: This is the only known wellness program that provides such a well-structured blueprint from illness to wellness that any layman can follow.

Stage 1 No BG Control: is the stage where the majority of diabetics usually find themselves in the beginning, with an average fasting blood glucose (BG) level that is greater than 126 mg/dl or an oral glucose test measurement greater than 200 mg/dl. 

Stage 2 BG Control with Drugs: is the stage where most diabetics transition to when they underestimate the disease and are unable to improve their cell health and control their blood glucose level with nutrition and exercise. During this stage the diabetic and his/her doctor are trying to use drugs to help lower the diabetic’s blood glucose level and eventually bring it within the normal range.

Warning! This is the stage where most diabetics fall in love with their diabetic drugs, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and high blood pressure drugs. Why? Because these drugs actually work as advertised! They lower your blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure! So, most diabetics think that they're actually getting healthier!! But, you're not! The drugs create a false sense of security and a strong belief that the drugs are the answer. Eventually, you'll find yourself taking even more drugs! Have you ever heard of anyone getting better from taking more diabetic drugs?

Stage 3 BG Control with Reduced Drugs: is the next stage for a diabetic to reach after he/she realizes that drug therapy is not the long-term answer. Most diabetics are able to lower their blood glucose level and reduce some of the dosage levels for their prescription drugs during this stage.  In fact, many diabetics experience weight loss and consistent lower blood glucose readings during this stage. 

But, it actually becomes a more difficult battle because the cells  still have to deal with the disease and the drugs, even though the diabetic is taking less drugs. The drugs continue to fuel the diabetes and create an impedance to the body’s healing process.

Stage 4 BG Control with No Drugs: is the most difficult stage for most diabetics  to reach. But those who embrace the program reach this stage by being able to control their blood glucose with nutrition and exercise and no drugs. They are able to reduce the amount of insulin resistance and inflammation in their cells, enabling the cells to repair themselves.

Unfortunately, many diabetics relax during this stage because they are not aware that there is still work to be done to actually reverse and eradicate the disease, or, at least, sustain blood glucose stabilization. As a result, they regress back to Stage 1 when their average glucose level eventually rises above 126 mg/dl and remains there.

Stage 5 BG & HbA1C Control: indicates that the average blood glucose level and hemoglobin A1C are both consistently within the normal range without the need for any drugs. This stage is easier to achieve once you've reached Stage 4 because your body is no longer fighting the disease and the drugs!

Stage 6 BG & HbA1C Tighter Control: indicates that the cells are healthy as the average blood glucose level and hemoglobin A1C are consistently within a tighter range without the need for any drugs; and, the disease is totally reversed – no insulin resistance and no inflammation. In addition, other critical health parameters are within their normal ranges, e.g. blood pressure, body mass index, minerals, enzymes, homocysteine, cholesterol.

Based upon the etiology of Type 2 diabetes, the analysis of its pathogenesis, and the sciences of disease, including pathophysiology, pathological anatomy, biochemistry, and psychopathology, the above diagram provides a high level overview of the six stages and the eight “living” elements of Type 2 diabetes control and reversal. This model is very flexible and can be customized to suit your health needs and lifestyle; and, can be used by you and your doctor to better track your progress.

In general, it will take more time to get from Stage 1 to Stage 4 than from Stage 4 to Stage 6 because it will take more time for the body  to overcome the effects of the drugs and repair the cells and reduce the insulin resistance/inflammation during the early stages. Once the body has started to heal, you can accelerate the timeline by utilizing multiple therapies, i.e. raw foods, juicing, detox, nutrition.
                         Death to Diabetes Super Meals and Exercise reverse Type 2 diabetes.
As you progress through each stage of the wellness program, your average blood glucose level will gradually return to the normal range, and your body will repair and rebalance itself, while preventing further damage and complications.
How long it takes for the body to repair and heal from the damage  caused by the diabetes is dependent on several key factors including:
  • How long the person has been diabetic
  • How many medications the diabetic is taking
  • The amount (dosage) of each medication
  • Avoidance of processed foods, and other "dead" foods
  • The number of Super Meals and Super Snacks that the diabetic consumes on a daily basis
  • The age of the diabetic
  • The frequency of blood glucose testing/analysis
  • The number and types of other complications, i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, eye health issues, nerve health issues, cardiovascular health issues, kidney health issues, etc. 
Note: Accelerating the repair process is especially important for people who want to wean off the drugs as soon as possible.

Author's Perspective about the 6 Stages of his Program:
Most diabetics are happy to reduce their blood glucose to the normal range and lose some weight -- but, they're still dependent on the drugs to keep their blood glucose in the normal range!

Remember that the primary goal of my program is to get healthy with blood pressure and blood tests readings in the normal range (Re: Chapters 3, 11, 14, 15).

When your body is healthy, the weight comes off as a by-product of being healthy! When your body is healthy, it no longer needs the extra fat or the drugs.

Besides eating properly, most people overlook some of the other key components of my program -- assuming the diabetic's objective is to get off the meds and achieve Stage 4. [Re: Chapter 3 (the science of diabetes), Chapter 9 (how to detox properly), Chapter 11 (the critical blood/hormone tests), etc.]

Don't expect your doctor to support you and lower your drug dosage during Stage 2 and Stage 3. It's up to you to take responsibility. Unless your doctor is unique, he/she won't be happy to see you get off the drugs. 
If you can afford it, increase your BG testing -- you can project your A1C if you test frequently enough.

As explained in Chapters 11 and 14, the real litmus test is two-fold: (1) What is your blood glucose 2 hours post meal; and, (2) What is your blood glucose without the drugs. That will give you a better sense of what you need to focus on.

Remember, the drugs artificially lower your blood glucose! The diabetes is still wreaking havoc on the inside! The drugs are just a cover-up to give you a false sense of security! Don't fall into that trap! Re-read Chapter 3 especially; and, also Chapter 12 -- about the drugs and what they really do.

For more information about the drugs, read the following web pages, which go beyond what's in the book:

Once you reach Stage 4, your doctor may never speak to you again. But, who cares? You're healthier now. So, keep moving forward on your journey to wellness -- you're on the road to repair, recovery, and reversal (The 3 R's).

Note: This program is not a traditional diet or weight-loss program. It is a "get-well" program. If a person is overweight, they'll lose weight as a byproduct of "getting well". If a person needs to gain weight, they'll gain weight -- again, as a byproduct of "getting well". However, we do recommend that such a person get a complete physical exam to ensure that they're not losing weight because of some serious medical condition.

In addition, this program is not just for diabetics. Since it is an overall wellness program, it can be used by people with normal blood sugars. They would do all the same things except there would be no need for blood glucose testing.

FYI: We have quite a few non-diabetics as clients who have normal blood sugar levels. They recognize this program is an overall wellness program, not just a diabetic program.

The 3 Levels of the Program 
The Death to Diabetes Wellness Program is very flexible, and has 3 levels of severity, depending on how long you've been diabetic, how many complications you have, your age, and how many medications you're taking. The more sick you are, the more reason that you need to follow the more strict level of the program , i.e. Level 3.

Level 1: This is the base level of the program that most Type 2 diabetics can follow unless they have major complications and other health issues. This level of the program does not require organic foods, but does require 40-60% raw foods, lightly-steamed; raw juicing at least 1-2 times a day; no animal meat; (lean, no skin) some "dead" processed foods (2-3 servings a day); 3-4 meals/snacks a day;  blood glucose testing 4-5 times a day; exercise 20-30 minutes a day, 4 times a week; detox at least once every 3-6 months; some emotional support; journaling, record-keeping.

Level 2: This level of the program is for diabetics who may have one or more additional health issues. This level of the program requires some organic foods, 60-70% raw foods, lightly-steamed; raw juicing at least 2-3 times a day; some animal meat; (organic, free-range); some "dead" processed foods (1-2 servings a day); 4-5 meals/snacks a day;  blood glucose testing 4-6 times a day; exercise 30-40 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week; detox at least once every 2-3 months; daily emotional support; detailed journaling, record-keeping.

Level 3: This is the most stringent level of the program, reserved for  Type 1 diabetics and diabetics who have multiple health problems and take a loot of drugs. Mostly organic foods, 70-95% raw foods, lightly-steamed; raw juicing at least 4-6 times a day; no animal meat; no "dead" processed foods; 4-7 meals/snacks a day;  blood glucose testing 4-7 times a day; exercise 50-60 minutes a day, 4-6 times a week; detox at least once every 1-2 months; daily emotional support; detailed journaling, record-keeping.

In general, most diabetics can follow the base Level 1 of the program in most cases. However, if you find yourself struggling or hitting a wall, then, you should move to Level 2. If you still struggle and as long as finances are not a concern, you should move to Level 3 of the program. Once you reach Stage 4, you can dial it down to Level 2 as long as you are able to maintain proper blood glucose stabilization.  Once you reach Stage 6, you can dial it down to Level 1, again as long as you are able to maintain proper blood glucose stabilization.

Simply Raw?
The Simply Raw videos have awakened many people to the power of eating raw to help heal their bodies. But, not everyone can eat raw foods every day for the rest of their lives! And, there's more to defeating diabetes than eating raw foods. The Death to Diabetes Program goes beyond "eating raw" as there are multiple therapies for reversing Type 2 diabetes. Eating raw is one way to address the nutritional component of reversing your diabetes.
Although nutrition is one of the most important components, there are several other wellness components that a diabetic has to address beyond just "eating raw" -- if they truly want to reverse their diabetes permanently.
Some of those wellness components and activities that the Death to Diabetes Program addresses includes the following:
  • The other foods can that a diabetic can eat besides "raw"
  • How to shop for groceries properly
  • How to safely wean off the drugs
  • How to buy test strips (for free!)
  • How to perform blood glucose testing the right way and without the pain
  • How to get your doctor to work for you
  • How to detox properly
  • How to select nutritional supplements properly and not waste your money on the wrong supplements
  • How to use spirituality to fight the stress of being diabetic
  • How to deal with your family and friends who judge you for being diabetic, and don't really understand the frustration, fear, and anxiety of being diabetic
  • How to juice properly (many diabetics juice the wrong foods!)
  • How to make smoothies the right way
  • How to build a support system
  • How to perform meal planning effortlessly
  • How to save money. Diabetes leads many people to bankruptcy and homelessness because of the medical debt created by Western Medicine.
  • Please Note: This is unfortunate, but some of our senior clients struggled with going raw. So, we had to provide other options for them in order to reverse their diabetes, i.e. lightly-steamed vegetables, vegetable juicing, green smoothies, detox, etc.

How to Accelerate Your Body's Repair Process

In order to accelerate the body's repair and healing processes,  you should utilize one or more of the following alternative therapies:

Nutritional therapy: Increase number of daily super meals and snacks (get the Death to Diabetes Cookbook). Also, read our web page about proper meal planning, preparation, and implementation. Meal Planning (and grocery-shopping) is the major area where most diabetics fail with their nutritional therapy.

Juicing therapy: Add raw vegetable juicing to your nutritional program (get the DtD Juicing/Smoothies ebook).

Smoothie therapy: Add green smoothies to your nutritional program  (get the DtD Juicing/Smoothies ebook).

Detox therapy: Perform periodic cleanse/detoxing (refer to Chapter 9 of the Death to Diabetes book, or get the DtD Detox ebook).

Cardio therapy: Use the Heart attack/Stroke ebook, especially if you've already had a heart attack or stroke, or if you're having erectile dysfunction or other sexual performance issues. Also, use this ebook if you're overly concerned about preventing a heart attack or stroke.

Data analysis: Increase blood glucose testing and analysis to make the necessary nutrition and lifestyle changes and corrections (refer to Chapters 11, 14, or get the DtD Blood Glucose Testing ebook).

Drug weaning therapy: Follow a safe and structured drug weaning process, as explained in the  DtD Drug Weaning ebook.

Nutritional supplementation therapy: Add wholefood nutritional supplementation to your nutritional program (refer to Chapter 8, or get the DtD Nutritional Supplementation ebook). Most people are wasting their money on vitamins and supplements! -- yeah, you, too!

Motivational therapy: Use motivational techniques to change your lifestyle (read Chapter 13 or get the Motivational PDF); or, sign up for a coaching session or training class.

Weight loss therapy: Use the Death to Obesity Weight Loss ebook.

Wellness therapy: Use the Wellness protocols ebook.

Spiritual therapy: Utilize meditation, yoga, or other spiritual methodology.

Sleep therapy: Ensure you're getting quality sleep (refer to Chapter 13 for sleeping tips).

Stress therapy: Reduce the stress in your life (refer to Chapter 13 or get the Anti-Stress PDF).

Exercise therapy: Increase exercise regimen, or add resistance/circuit training (refer to Chapter 10).

Structure and motivation therapy: Use the comprehensive Boot Camp Program, but only if you have the strength and fortitude.

Day-to-Day Guidance and therapy: Use the 30-Day Diabetes Management Workbook to guide you on your daily activities from sunrise to sunset.

Sauna therapy, Aroma therapy, etc.: Use other alternative therapies, but do your research first!

Note: Avoid the insulin addiction trap discussed in Chapter 12. Note: Refer to this web page for more information about the science behind this program.

Note: Refer to this web page or Chapter 6 of Death to Diabetes for a list of the top healing foods.

Note: When you start to follow the 10 steps of the Death to Diabetes program, your body will be in Stage 1 of the 6-stage recovery model. Gradually your body will begin to re-balance your hormones and reduce the insulin resistance so that your body requires less drugs and will progress to Stages 2 and 3. At that point, you should get the book (if you haven't yet) so that you can reach Stages 4, 5 and 6 to properly manage your diabetes, initiate the internal repair processes in your body, and possibly reverse your diabetes.

Author's Note: "Most people are aware that diet and exercise help to control their diabetes, and even slow down its progress, but it doesn't stop the disease  (and the drugs) from causing more damage to your organs and blood vessels. This is a key point for diabetics who are doing a good job at controlling their diabetes with diet and exercise. I define this as "Stage 4" of my 6-stage diabetes recovery/ repair/reversal model. Diabetics who reach Stage 4 have a major opportunity to reach Stages 5 and 6, and actually eradicate the disease! -- instead of just controlling it."

Author's Note: "Some people are still eating the wrong foods, or they're eating so-called healthy foods that are not healthy! So, it is imperative that you educate yourself about the proper healthy foods so that you can successfully defeat your disease or prevent the disease from overtaking your body in the first place. You can also use the program to maintain your good health if you're not ill with any disease.

So, for those of you who are doing a good job at controlling your diabetes with diet and exercise (and no drugs), we recommend that you get the Death to Diabetes book -- so that you can get beyond Stage 4.

If you are doing a good job at controlling your diabetes with diet and exercise but you're still taking the drugs, we recommend that you get the Death to Diabetes book -- so that you can get beyond Stage 3.

And, if you already have the book, we recommend that you get the juicing book, the cookbook, boot camp program, or diabetes management workbook to help you continue on your journey from illness to wellness.

But, don't relax! At least, not until you're off the drugs!

Death to Diabetes® Wellness Protocols

In addition to the overall diabetes management wellness model, there are specific wellness protocols for the cardiovascular system, eyes, kidneys, and nerves.

These specific protocols provide detailed steps to guide you in order to prevent health issues with the various parts of the body and reverse the complications.

Death to Diabetes Wellness Protocols to Beat, Reverse & Cure Type 2 Diabetes
Death to Diabetes Wellness Protocols to Beat, Reverse & Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Wellness Protocols: Beat, Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Death to Diabetes Wellness Protocols to Beat, Reverse & Cure Type 2 Diabetes
Refer to Chapter 15 for a detailed step-by-step procedure for each of the major diabetic complications, or get the Wellness Protocols PDF.

Note: There are more clinical studies and reports stating that Type 2 diabetes is reversible, plus more doctors are finally admitting that Type 2 diabetes is reversible.

Did You Know That?:  The "Death to Diabetes" book has become one of the top-selling diabetes books in the country while helping thousands of diabetics. "Death to Diabetes" has recently been rated as one of the top-rated medical books and top-rated health books in the country, by several medical groups and health groups! The book is now being sold internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, South Africa, India, China, Australia, and Brazil.