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Death to Obesity Weight Loss Ebook

Proper weight loss, in the context of health or physical fitness, is a reduction of your total body weight, due to a loss of fluid and body fat but not the loss of lean muscle tissue. This is key!

Many weight loss programs produce weight loss, but they lose the lean muscle tissue that your body needs to burn the fat! That’s why a lot of people on weight loss program look like “death warmed over”. They have lost lean muscle tissue, which also affects your body composition.

Weight gain is due to 3 reasons for most people:
1. Biochemical and hormonal imbalances
2. Poor nutrition and lifestyle choices that lead to low physical activity
3. Emotional issues that trigger poor eating habits

Consequently, the strategy to overcome weight gain and achieve weight loss requires the following:
1. Rebalance biochemically and hormonally.
2. Proper nutrition and lifestyle choices that lead to increased physical activity
3. Addressing the emotional issues that trigger poor eating habits.
Of course, there are other reasons such as environment, age, culture, and overall health, but these three fuel the obesity epidemic more than any other factor.

In order to increase your probability of success, you must prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually to embrace making the necessary lifestyle changes to improve your health. You must make yourself a priority and set aside the time to improve your health if you really want to lose weight.

You must establish and implement goals to increase the frequency of your (super) meals and snacks to enable proper blood glucose stabilization. You should also establish goals to increase the frequency of your exercise, cleansing/detox, and other key activities. This will prevent the blood glucose highs and lows that many people experience, and help to reduce the excess insulin production, which fuels Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

This weight loss program will also help you to reduce the belly fat, lower your blood pressure, lower your blood glucose level, and lower your cholesterol.
Implementing the Death to Obesity® Weight Loss Program includes the following activities:
• Meal Planning
• Blood Glucose Testing/Analysis (for Type 2 diabetics only)
• Exercise
• Cleansing/Detox
• Nutritional Supplementation
• Support and Relaxation Sleep
• Health Coaching & Planning
• Doctor Visits, Medical Blood Tests & Exams
• Drug Weaning

You should implement one new activity at the start of a new week until you have implemented all the activities into your daily life and lifestyle.  If one-week increments are too much for you, then, slow down and use two-week or 1-month increments.

Ebook Content & Description:
Explains how to lose weight and reduce the belly fat -- primarily for non-diabetics, but also for Type 2 diabetics. Defines the key steps to burn the fat and achieve permanent weight loss.Provides specific steps to reduce that hard-to-get-rid-of belly fat. Also, identifies the top 10 weight-loss foods and how they help to reduce weight and belly fat. Discusses the emotional and motivational factors for successful weight loss, including how to fuel motivation, discipline, and will power to achieve your weight loss goals.
Key topics include: The Weight Loss 10 Steps Program; The 10 Myths about Weight Loss, Obesity Pathophysiology, Leptin/Insulin Resistance, Lipolysis: Fat Burning, Calorie-Planning, The Role of Hormones in Losing Weight, Weight Loss Timeline, Optional Weight Loss Strategies, Exercise Regimen for Losing Weight, Cleanse/Detox Guidelines, Tips for a Better Fast, The Most Important Motivator, Limitations of Drugs/Medications, Meal Planning Tips, How to Lose That Belly Fat, BMI Chart, etc.

Note: For more information, get the Weight Loss ebook PDF at this link:

Death to Obesity Weight Loss Program
Are you tired of being fat? 
Are you tired of being tired? Are you tired of all the anxiety, despair, and hopelessness?

Would you like to enjoy life the way it was before you gained all the weight?

Then, start your journey "from fatness to thinness" today -- and get theDeath to Obesity Weight Loss ebook.

Size of Ebook:
 200+ pages

Document Format: PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

Retail Price: $19.95

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